Forest Accents

Even though providing a wide variety of hardwood flooring options might seem simple in theory, the truth is that it takes great skill and a lot of experience to identify the best striking colors of the wood as well as the finest graining, so they can reflect the each customer’s unique taste, style and character. Flooring made from real wood doesn’t have two planks alike and nobody knows how to enhance the value of this unique characteristic better than Forest Accents.


The company located in Jacksonville, Florida is among the few in the region that knows how to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Even though they manufacture natural wood flooring products, Forest Accents is dedicated to utilizing environmental friendly materials. The manufacturer pays great care to the harvesting process for which the company employs the “selective harvesting” procedure. The technique implies a planned approach to cutting only certain trees, while leaving the rest of the younger trees and vegetation to mature. This way, the long term survival and growth of the forest is kept intact.

Forest Accents

Reasons to choose Forest Accents

Attention to detail, individuality and dedication to the environmental friendly practices are the prime reasons to consider Forest Accents products for your next flooring solution. Considering that the timber is almost handpicked for its color as well as graining and that both characteristics are enhanced via sanding and a fine Dura-Life finish, you can even state that the Forest Accents floors come with a unique personalities.

Popular products from Forest Accents

Irrespective of your preferences and your needs, you’re bound to find the perfect flooring solution among the Forest Accents exquisite collections. Among the highest appreciated wood flooring products carried by this manufacturer, we can count amazing collections like:

  • Timeless Textures
  • Country Estates
  • Urban Textures
  • Crafted Textures
  • Euro Textures
  • Oak Valley Series
  • Presidential Classics
  • Capri Plank
  • Most of their Bamboo Flooring collections

Forest Accents is known for the strict rules regarding the distributing partners selection process and Foundation Flooring is proud to be among the few hardwood flooring dealers. Our staff had the privilege of undergoing the manufacturer’s special training program, so they know the ins and outs of the Forest Accents flooring solutions as well as the best installation techniques. Don’t forget to browse through our Forest Accents collection and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!
Capri Plank
Crafted Textures
Country Estate Hickory
Euro Textures Oak
Oak Valley Series
Timeless Textures
Presidential Series
Urban Textures Birch

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