Mullican Flooring was founded in 1985 with the singular idea of creating the highest quality hardwood flooring in the world. The company’s founders knew that a combination of precision milling, advanced kiln-drying techniques and the most demanding inspectors available would allow Mullican to become the world leader in quality hardwood flooring.

Mullican’s exclusive process of making the finest hardwood flooring starts in the Appalachian Mountains of the eastern United States, which are well known for their prime, slow-growing hardwoods. The lumber is separated by species and transported to one of Mullican’s four facilities, where the company’s solid hardwood flooring is manufactured. These sites are located in Virginia, West Virginia, New York and the company’s headquarters in Johnson City, Tenn. Each of these locations utilize state-of-the-art machinery, which reduces both labor costs and time, while enhancing the overall product. This ensures that the customer receives the best quality flooring available.

While all prefinished and unfinished solid flooring are produced in the United States, Mullican’s engineered floors are made in partnership with overseas facilities using U.S. timber. These processes are subjected to intense oversight by Mullican’s quality control engineers and adhere to all current regulatory and sustainability standards.

Each piece of lumber is pre-dressed to a uniform thickness and stacked, with sticks placed every 12 inches to separate pieces. The wood is then slow dried. Each piece is straight-line ripped to remove any side bend. The most efficient kiln-drying process in the industry is used to maximize the stability and minimize the movement of the wood during the warm and cold seasons. Each piece of wood is automatically checked by an in-line moisture meter.

Unlike other companies that only spot check their lumber, Mullican’s experienced professional graders inspect every inch of the flooring during each step of the process, so the milling quality and grade of Mullican flooringare consistently high. Other specialists make sure the moisture content and milling are always consistent.Mullican goes to great lengths to create flooring with unmatched quality and precision. For the professionals who insist on Mullican flooring, it means floors that are easy to install and problem-free. They enjoy unequaled savings on labor, waste and call backs, while giving their customers the ultimate in satisfaction.

Mullican Flooring is also committed to the environment. All of the company’s domestic 3/4-inch solid flooring carries the Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Inc. verified sustainable seal. The company also offers Green Haven, a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified line of prefinished flooring.  These oak, maple and hickory products carry the elite FSC 100 percent-PURE designation. Mullican is dedicated to forest management and supports the sustainable, renewable supply of raw materials to ensure there will be plenty of forests available for future generations.

In addition, Mullican features a complete line of prefinished solid flooring that includes oak, maple, cherry, walnut, hickory, beech, character grade, hand-sculpted and wire-brushed products. The company offers many widths, including 2 1/4-, three-, four-, five- and six-inch widths, and an extensive selection of exotic species.

Mullican’s prefinished engineered product is available in a number of species featured in 9/16-, 1/2-, 3/8- and 5/16-inch thicknesses in three- and five-inch widths. Austin Springs is the company’s 1/2-inch 5G locking product line.

The company also offers a 1/2-inch hand-sculpted engineered product available in five-inch widths of oak, hickory, maple, merbau, Brazilian cherry and walnut, in addition to five-inch widths of machine-distressed and wire-brushed flooring, featuring 14 species and color combinations.

Austin Springs – 1/2 in. Loc-to-Fit
RidgeCrest – 1/2 in.
MeadowBrooke – 1/2 in.
Chalmette – 1/2 in. Hand Sculpted
Castillian – 1/2 in.
HillShire – 3/8 in.
LincolnShire – 3/8 in.
Hand Sculpted Engineered
Ponte Vedra – 3/8 in. Engineered
San Marco – 3/8 in.
Hand Sculpted Engineered



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