Why Oiled Floors

For many centuries, Natural oils were used in Europe as the traditional choice to seal and protect hardwood flooring. In the past, the traditional oil floors required a high amount of care to maintain the appearance of the floor. The recent introductions of hardwax oil finishes have made these floors more durable than in the past.

After our specialized treatments, Bella Citta®

floor is then finished on site after installation with our protective Natural or White Oil that will provide your floor with a sophisticated and natural look that cannot be achieved by an acrylic or urethane finish. The hard oil finish details the natural patina of the wood and enhances the color of the floor. It is simply a natural hardwood floor at its finest.

Our Natural Oil finish is a non-toxic product with no harsh chemicals. It’s made with natural and renewable ingredients such as vegetable oils and contains NO VOC. It is an environmentally friendly product that contributes to our healthy living.


Unlike the acrylic or polyurethane finish which forms a film on the surface of the floor, the Natural Oil finish penetrates into the wood fibers and becomes part of the wood. Therefore, it permits the wood to breathe through the surface and allows the moisture to go in and out of the wood freely. The natural oil deeply penetrates the wood surface preventing the finish from cracking, blistering, peeling or flaking.


Natural Oil finish also offers excellent durability and easy maintenance. Rejuvenation and repair of the floor is non invasive. It can also be spot repaired whereas the acrylic or polyurethane finishes are not spot repairable and requires the complete sand down and refinish of the floor. Acrylic and polyurethane finish protects the floor by forming a plastic film on the surface of the floor whereas the hard wax oil penetrates deep into the wood, bonds and hardens the wood fiber. Acrylic and polyurethane finishes are more prone to pick up dirt and scratches. Natural Oil finishes are more dirt repelling and scratches are not as noticeable. With the proper maintenance (by using our cleaner and maintenance oil)

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